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Property Description

Stunning Ultra Modern Luxury Villa for sale with fantastic views of Kalkan and Kalamar bays and the islands. Private heated infinity pool & jacuzzi feature. roof terrace, private garage parking, private garden & annex. Fully furnished & A/C. Now completed.


The villa is now ready to move in and is sold fully furnished including light fittings, kitchen appliances, curtains, furniture, air conditioning etc. Under the terrace is a closed garage as well as substantial additional annex which can be used for a variety of purposes: Gym, sauna, game room etc.


 “Smart-home systems” let you turn on the lights, A/C, swimming pool engine, put Jacuzzi on, or open the door for the plumber etc. – from anywhere.


One central system that allows you to press a single button and get lights in multiple rooms to dim, brighten or turn on or off for supper, movie night or other daily activities. You can even program in your home’s longitude and latitude so the system knows exactly when sunrise and sunset occur throughout the year, turning lights on or off accordingly.


Computerized thermostats that let you turn the heat or air conditioning on when you’re heading home from the office or an out-of-town trip. These systems can also shut off the heat or air if someone accidentally leaves a door to the outside open.


Pool and jacuzzi controls that let you crank up the water temperature via your iPhone when you’re out for the evening, allowing you to swim comfortably when you return.


Burglar alarms that call your smartphone if there’s an intruder, allowing you to view remotely whatever your security cameras are seeing.



– Built in 700 m2 land

– Unobstructed 180 degree views never to be obstructed

– 280 m2 living space

– Private swimming pool, 5×13 m2

– Beautifully landscaped gardens

– Outside stone BBQ

– Pool shower

– Outside dining table and 8 chairs

– Outside round dining table and 4 chairs

– 10 x sunbeds and 5 x umbrellas

– Rattan seatings for outside

– Private Garage

– Ipod docs

– Fully Furnished

– Fully fitted open plan kitchen

– Home theater sound system (Samsung)

– Samsung smart LED 3D TV


– Security alarm systems




– Solar power system in place for water heating

– Bedrooms and living rooms are fitted with the AC infrastructure for Siemens

– Water back-up tank available

– Air conditioning, sanitary ware systems comply with the TSE standards.

– Brass Mediterranean brown tiles are used on the roof



Structure / Building

– Built as reinforced concrete

– Project complies with the standard building and earthquake regulations

– BC III white steel reinforcement features

– All walls have water and heat insulation