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Kalkan Places to Visit

Posted by admin on January 21, 2022

Kalkan, who is connected to the Kas district of Antalya, offers its visitors a perfect holiday experience with its beautiful caves, coves, beaches, and fascinating nature. Vacationers who are in Kalkan on their route this summer have already started to make a list of places to visit in Kalkan. If the holidays are for a day, at this point, those who want to draw a route where they can see all the beautiful bays during the day or add a cave or two to their trips should create a nice travel route.

Vacationers who have days to spare for Kalkan, whose holiday consists directly of Kalkan and who want to visit Kalkan in every detail, should draw a nice route. Thus, no point of Kalkan beauties is missed.

1.   Kalkan Coves

One of the places that make Antalya’s sea famous is Kalkan. It attracts great attention from sea lovers with its azure waters and sparkling sands. In fact, it is quite common to come across holidaymakers who add Kalkan to their holidays every year. Not only Kalkan but also holidaymakers who set out for Kaş should definitely visit the famous bays of Kalkan. We are sure that you have heard of at least one of the Kalkan bays, whose names we will list shortly.

2.   Kaputaş Beach

When you think of Kalkan Bay, Antalya, Kaputaş is the first place that comes to mind! Kaputaş Beach, known as the blue pearl, is a cove on the list of the world’s most famous beaches.

3.   Patara Beach

Patara Bay is a perfect bay with both history and nature. Among the features that make Patara important are its perfect sea and its location in the ancient city, as well as Caretta Caretta and sand dunes.

4.   Firnaz Bay

Another place that should be added to the list of places to visit in Antalya is Fırnaz Bay, which is close to Yeşilköy. One of the great features that distinguish it from other bays is the mud bath in the bay. The mud bath, which is believed to be healing, is among the effects that increase the demand for Fırnaz Bay.

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